How to set up TarsoPro™

Nathan Carloss - Tuesday, January 09, 2018
How to set up TarsoPro™

TarsoPro™ is a light-weight device to improve ankle mobility. It's fast to set up and portable and can be used at home, at the clinic or in the gym. Daily use of the TarsoPro™ will reduce your injury risk to your ankles, knees and low back!

Using this mobility device at home, clinic or in the gym daily will reduce your injury risk to your ankles, knees and low back!

How to set up TarsoPro™

Step 1

After unpacking the TarsoPro™, remove the strap and handle from the undersurface of the TarsoPro

Step 2

Place TarsoPro™ on a flat surface. Place the loop section on the ground and place your foot through the larger loop. Place your foot on the block underneath the red strap. Place the heel centered on the unit approximately 2 centimeters from the rear of the unit.

Step 3

Tighten the red strap accordingly to be at the junction of the foot and the leg (over the talus neck). Feed the narrow end (small loop at the end) through the narrow slot in the distal end of the unit. Place the handle through the small loop in the strap. Take knee over the foot to be at the limit of dorsiflexion.

Step 4

Gently pull on the handle so the black strap is around the lower calf for some tension and sits on the lower leg muscles for comfort. The user then isometricaly attempts to lift the heel off the unit into the resistance of the red strap. At the same time, the user pulls with both hands on the handle (keeping the low back straight) on the black strap to pull the leg over the foot. Hold this for 30 seconds and rest for 30 sec. Repeat this 3 times then reassess ankle range of movement

Support for TarsoPro™

If you have any questions about set up or need help, please contact us with your details and we'll be in touch

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